Ex-Patriot Shares Great Story From ‘We’re On To Cincinnati’ Game

Remember the “On to Cincinnati” game? It was hilarious in so many ways, and the Patriots nation is really proud of it.

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the New England Patriots on Sept. 29, 2014. The Monday Night Football debacle was a nightmare, and Trent Dilfer had the courage to say that the Patriots weren’t “good anymore.” Football analysts said the Patriots’ dynasty was over, and haters celebrated. They were happy. You don’t always see the Patriots being run over by another team, right?

A few days later, head coach Bill Belichick came with a big warning. It wasn’t really a warning, but Belichick’s comment was a good one. He said, “We’re on to Cincinnati.” He said it about a million times.

The Bengals couldn’t even imagine the outcome of the game. The Patriots smashed the undefeated Bengals in front of everybody. They lost just two games of the rest of the season and won the Super Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks had no chance against Brady’s squad. So, yes, Belichick did issue a warning.

Flowers played for the Bengals on that October night. He was there. The Patriots were dangerous. The linebacker shared his story, and let’s just say he made us laugh.

“Lol I remember this!” he wrote on Twitter. “I also remember our DC hyping us up that week saying the patriots were done then we went out there and got our Azz Whooped and pats win the Super Bowl that was my First career L! Monday Night in Foxboro.”

Flowers had an important role in New England. He was on the team that lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LIII. In 2018, he played with the Detroit Lions, and has a contract with the Washington Redskins at the moment.

There were so many similar “Cincinnati” games. Haters couldn’t wait to see the Patriots fail, but Tom Brady was always bringing the game up. New England’s dynasty will never end. Brady is still here, and he doesn’t even think of retiring. The quarterback has six rings, and he would love to have another one. That would be great, right?

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