Half Naked Gisele Bundchen Ends Up On The Cover Of Top Magazine

Gisele Bundchen is on the cover of another magazine. Tom Brady’s wife looks better than ever, and she is on Elle’s cover. Should we say that she is half-naked? That’s not necessary. Gisele has never used nudity to attract people’s attention. She was part of many campaigns, and she uses her influence to attract people’s attention. We’ve heard her talk about environment, nature and the way he destroy it. She also offered a few great solutions!

“For its July issue, @elleusapartnered with @conservationorg to highlight the urgency to act on global warming. During a visit to Brazil’s Xingu region in 2004, I first witnessed the problems caused by river pollution and I’ve been advocating for social and environmental causes ever since. The damage we are doing to our planet affects us all. It is a global issue that needs to be met with global action. Thank you @ninagarcia and Stephen Gan for bringing attention to such an important cause.”

“Para a edição de julho a @elleusa se uniu a @conservationorg para destacar a urgência de agir no aquecimento global. Durante minha visita a região do Xingu,no Brasil em 2004, pude pela primeira vez ver de perto todos os problemas causados pela poluição do rio, e desde então, venho defendendo causas sociais e ambientais. O estrago que estamos fazendo com nosso planeta afeta a todos nós. É um problema global que precisa ser atendido com ação global. Obrigada @ninagarcia e Stephen Gan por chamarem atenção para uma causa tão importante.”

This isn’t the first important message Gisele sent. She uses her influence to raise people’s awareness. The supermodel wrote about air pollution a day ago.

“Air pollution is a global emergency affecting everyone. It’s a silent killer with approximately 7 million people worldwide dying prematurely every year from air pollution. 
To help #BeatAirPollution I’m committed to planting more trees, planting more food in my garden and composting whenever I can. Check out the link in my bio to learn more about simple changes we can make in our everyday lives to reduce the amount of air pollution we produce. Join me and @unenvironment for #WorldEnvironmentDay and share what you will do to beat air pollution. Let’s do this!”

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