Jemele Hill Explained How LeBron Taught Athletes How To ‘Own’ Their Talent

LeBron James has been part of the NBA for quite some time. He knows pretty much everything about the game, and his portfolio is packed with great numbers. Joining the Los Angeles Lakers was a bold move and it’s beneficial in several aspects. LeBron and his production company, SpringHill Entertainment, are shooting Space Jam 2, and LeBron is the star of the piece. His media entity, Uninterrupted, releases new projects all the time.

It was more than obvious that LeBron would become a big star. When he first entered the league, he signed a three-year extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers instead of a four-year deal. He wanted to have a full control over his career. LeBron has the same control now, and his attitude had huge impact on the league and other basketball players.

In an episode of UPROXX’s People’s Party, former ESPN personality and current writer for The Athlantic, Jemele Hill, explains that LeBron made the “blueprint” for other athletes to own every move they make.

“One thing that LeBron James has given other athletes the blueprint on is owning your talent,” Hill said. “LeBron owns everything that he does. His production company, he owns Uninterrupted, which is his media company. He is only involved if he gets a piece. And now I see the rest of these athletes are smartening up with that. Colin Kaepernick has a production company. Steph Curry has a production company. Kevin Durant has a production company. I think there’s a level of independence and ownership that we haven’t seen before.”

LeBron has been a game-changer from the very first moment he arrived in the NBA. Other players look up to him, and that’s the best way to show respect. LeBron had a terrible debut with the Lakers, but it wasn’t his fault. He was injured, other players were injured, and the team had to go through too many speculations and rumors.

Luckily, LA has Anthony Davis now, and LeBron has greater chances of turning the team into championship-winning squad.
This summer is really important for both LeBron and the Lakers. They another All-Star.

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