Julian Edelman Opens Up About Relationship With His Father In Documentary Teaser

Patriots receiver Julian Edelman finished last season with a Super Bowl MVP nomination, and fans will now have an opportunity to watch his Showtime documentary “100% Julian Edelman.”

On Father’s Day, Showtime released a teaser, and it shows the Patriots receiver and his dad.

Frank is the reason Edelman loves football this much. He helped him master his skills. Edelman was a quarterback at Kent State, and the Patriots selected him as a receiver. Frank helped Julian become an excellent route runner and punt returner.

“He’s kind of like my little mechanic with my mind sometimes,” Edelman said. “He’s like the life coach doctor sometimes. Even though he pisses me off, but then I realize it’s good to have him around.”  

“He showed me work ethic by how much we practiced, but he also led by example — by being a small-business owner, waking up at 5 a.m., getting to the shop, doing what he’s gotta do, and then coming home, working with me, and coaching after-school sports. It’s one of those things where he not only taught me through constant repetition through practice — and as a kid you learn, the more you practice the better you are — but he also showed by example.”

The documentary will be released on June 28 at 9 p.m. ET. It provides details of Edelman’s ACL injury, his PEDs suspension and the MVP honors.

“When injury and controversy threatened Julian Edelman’s NFL career, he returned to his father, an auto mechanic, to fix what was broken,” a statement from Showtime read about the new documentary. “100% is an intimate behind the scenes look at the three-time Super Bowl Champion during a critical juncture in his life. After a dramatic victory in Super Bowl 51, Edelman suffered a devastating knee injury that forced him to miss the entirety of the 2017 season. The film joins Edelman as he attempts to overcome the challenge of a season ending surgery and PED suspension all while exposing the unorthodox origins that built him into one of the NFL’s most affable stars.”We can’t wait to watch the documentary, and you?

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