Julian Edelman Sends Touching Message To David Ortiz After Tragedy

Former Boston Red Sox and MLB All-Star David Ortiz was shot in the Dominican Republic, and the information was confirmed by his father. Many athletes delivered a message of support for the All-Star, including Patriots receiver Julian Edelman.

Edelman took to his Instagram account to deliver a message of support for Ortiz. His followers sent words of love and support for the MLB All-Star.

Ortiz retired at in 2016 after spending 20 seasons on the field. His father talked to ESPN’s Enrique Rojas, and shared some details regarding Ortiz’s attack.

“They called me to tell me that David is injured and that they took him to a medical center, but they did not tell me how he is or where he was transferred exactly,” Leo Ortiz said. “At the moment, everything is confusing. I am trying to find out where they took my son.”

Ortiz wrote a post on The Players Tribune with the only purpose to say ‘thank you’ to pretty much everyone who supported him.

“The cameras showed Anthony Rizzo in the dugout early in the game, and he’s hugging David Ross and saying, basically, “Bro, my emotions are crazy right now. We’re here. Can you believe this?” Ortiz wrote. “It’s Game 7. Holy s—t.

“I got goose bumps. I was so nervous for them, and so excited, it was crazy. I’ve never been that nervous even when I was actually playing in a game. You see these two guys in the biggest game of their lives, and they really care about each other. That’s what baseball is all about.

“Listen, you only know the nickname “Big Papi” right now because Pedro Martinez cared about me. If he didn’t care about me as a human being, maybe I never get a chance. Maybe I don’t play 20 years. Maybe you don’t know who I am.

“But he cared about me, and the story ends this way. That’s my brother. Boston, thank you. When I came to this city, I didn’t know if I had a future. Now I have a home. Thank you for making me one of your own. I’d give you all a big f*****g hug if I could.”

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