Kevin Durant’s Mom Reveals What Son Told Her After Injury

Kevin Durant injured his Achilles in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Raptors fans were happy for that, and Durant’s mom was shocked to see that.

Wanda went on “Good Morning America” on Wednesday to say that her son isn’t doing really well after the injury.

Durant thought it would be really easy to come back to the floor, but it wasn’t. He re-injured his leg after 12 minutes.

“Emotionally, it’s a little tough for him,” Wanda said. “He’s having a rough time right now.”

“He just told me not to cry. … He just told me he was going to be okay and don’t worry.”

The family waits for the MRI results to reveal more about Durant’s injury/

“With the love of our faith and our God and our family, we’re going to be okay.”

Did Warriors doctors rushed Wanda’s son back to play?

“They said that he could play,” she said. “And, so we still have to analyze that and see if they made the right decision. That’s kind of up in the air right now.”

Wanda took to Twitter to express her feelings after Raptors fans cheered to her son’s injury.

“For ALL of you who question my son as a Man, question his Heart, question his Integrity and question his LOVE for the game of basketball, you DON’T know him. He has a heart of a true Warrior! This too shall pass. God Bless you ALL.”

Yes, she forgives them all.

Durant is used to such treatment. He’s been dealing with this for quite some time.
 “It’s been that way since I got here, that it’s the Warriors and KD,” he said. “I understand that. And I feel like my teammates and the organization know exactly what I’ve done – on and off the court – to become a part of this culture. I know what I bring to the team.  But I also know a lot of people from the outside don’t like to see us together. I get it. It’s hard to get away from that because I watch the games and watch the lead-up to the games and that’s all everybody is talking about. From my perspective, I want to focus on rehab, but I also want to be a fan of my teammates. I want to enjoy my teammates from a different view.”

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