LeBron James Has Never Had A Teammate As Perfect As Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis is LeBron James’ best running mate. There are so many basketball stars who are productive on the floor, but Davis is the only player to compliment LeBron’s talent and strength.

Davis came to Los Angeles at the right moment. The Golden State Warriors fell apart at the end of their championship run, and their key players struggle with serious injuries. One obstacle down. Davis will team up with the most talented basketball player. Dwyane Wade was brilliant in 2010-11, but many believe that Davids will fit in LeBron’s game in a better way.

Davis and LeBron join forces at a similar point in their professional career. Both players failed to make the playoffs this season. LeBron needs Davis, and Davis needs LeBron. Davis is here to support LeBron and help him go through his age-related physical decline, and the Lakers star will help Davis bring the best out of him.

King James will enter his 17th season and has been active 10,000 more minutes than other players. His time on the floor may soon end, but he deserves every right to be included in the decision-making process. Since the 2015-16 season, Davis scored 3316 points on assisted two-pointers and he missed 59 games. No other player has reached more than 3000.

Davis has great physical dimensions, discipline and awareness, and that made him a perennial Defensive Player of the Year candidate.

Davis will help Lbron rest more on the sideline and the floor.

Adding Davis to the roster will help the Lakers add another All-Star. Kyrie Irving is a nice fit. That’s what David Aldridge says.

“Now, with the Lakers still capable of creating enough cap room for another max-salary player in time for the start of free agency on June 30, there’s a very real possibility that one of the many available top-tier talents could decide to join them and form the kind of superstar trio that LeBron was accustomed to both in Miami and Cleveland,” Aldridge wrote. “Could it be Kyrie Irving, whose frustration with the Celtics experience has been well chronicled and who has been tied to the Brooklyn Nets in recent days?

“It certainly matters that the two former Cavs co-stars reconciled back in January, when our Joe Vardon detailed the apology phone call heard ‘round the basketball world. What’s more, it was also clear back then that James was open to the possibility of a reunion.”

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