Report: Kevin Durant Confidant Gives Peek Into Free Agency Mindset

Kevin Durant’s Achilles injury happened when the Golden State Warriors couldn’t afford an injury. The star had a surgery to repair the ruptured injury in New York.

ESPN’s Jay Williams, a close friend of Durant and a partner with Durant’s manager Rich Kleiman on “The Boardroom,” couldn’t reveal more details regarding Durant, his injury and his free agency.

“I think Kevin right now is still trying to deal with post-surgery,” Williams said Tuesday at a Madison Avenue Draft event. “That’s his first and foremost thing. You do what you do to your Achilles on that stage, it takes a minute to recalibrate. You can’t just go back to business. But Kevin has to make the best decision for Kevin. I’ve told him that. Rich Kleiman has told him that.”

Rumors suggest that Kleiman will try to push Durant towards the Knicks.

Williams was outspoken in wondering if the Knicks are a good fit for Williamson because of James Dolan.

“Kevin coming back (in Game 5) shows he’s kind of like the people’s champ,” Williams said. “He always wants to win no matter what. He’ll sacrifice his body. I think it’s now time for Kevin to do what’s in the best interest of Kevin Durant.”

Williams starred at Duke before his accident. He added RJ Barrett to the story.

“This year for RJ was tougher,” Williams said. “You play with Zion, then he goes down and he needed to be a volume scorer. In college they stack the paint with no illegal defense. You’re not going to get the true spacing on the NBA level.”

Warriors backup point guard Quinn Cook, a clost friend of Durant, had good news for concerned Knicks fans.

“He’s going to come back 10 times better,’’ Cook told The Post following Wednesday’s NBA Finals practice at Oracle Arena. “That’s what kind of a person he is. The only thing about his future, Kevin Durant is going to be back 10 times better than ever. There’s no question about that. He’s not going to be the same player. He’s going to be better.”

Well, let’s see what happens next.

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