Report: New England Patriots Coaches ‘Fired Up’ About Jamie Collins

The New England Patriots signed linebacker Jamie Collins to a one-year deal this offseason.

The team selected Collins in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft, and he spent his first three and a half seasons with the Pats. In 2016, Collins was sent to the Cleveland Browns, and his trade was a rather shocking move.

It looks like the Patriots coaches are amazed by the skills he has developed.

“The coaching staff is fired up over what they’ve seen from linebacker Jamie Collins, both on the field and in the building,” Howe writes. 

“I was surprised,” Collins told reporters back in May of his return to the Patriots. “But then again, I wasn’t, because I’m just a free agent, so obviously a lot of teams are going to contact me or whatever. That’s just the business of the game. I’m always surprised no matter what. I’m surprised right now just being in the position.

I mean, I started here. I had the opportunity to come out and start my career here. Obviously, yes, that played a big factor. Like I said, whatever opportunity presents itself, it’s not just me. I’ve got other people to think about as well. It’s a team thing.”

Patriots safety Duron Harmon was really excited about Collins’ return.

“He’s excited to be back, so that’s always good when the excitement is there,” he told media members at Gillette Stadium on Thursday of Collins’ return. “I’m really just looking forward to seeing him out there, seeing him play with us again, building that chemistry, being teammates again and doing everything we can to make sure we got the best defense we can come the first game.

 “Obviously, we know me and Jamie came in together. We’re friends. When he went to Cleveland, we stayed in contact. We kept talking. The relationship didn’t break. But we all know Jamie, he’s a tremendous football player, (has) athletic ability through the roof. He’s gonna come in here, do what he does and earn his spot wherever it is and play hard and try to help us win football games.”

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