Steve Kerr Reveals Klay Thompson’s Status For Game 4

The Golden State Warriors didn’t have any luck in Game 3, and lost the match to the Toronto Raptors. Klay Thompson didn’t play in Game 3, and head coach Steve Kerr provided an update on his status for Game 4.

Losing Thompson, Kevin Durant and Kevon Looney destroyed the Warriors’ chance to win the game. When it comes to Thompson, Kerr expexts him to play on Friday.

“Yeah, I knew it. I could feel it,” Thompson said on Thursday. “My body feels really good and just that extra night of rest really helped. Now I just can’t wait to get out here tomorrow.”

The head coach was pretty clear about his position.

“The whole point was to not risk a bigger injury that would keep him out of the rest of the series. So that was the decision we made, and I feel very comfortable with it,” Kerr said after Game 3. “I never would have forgiven myself if I played him tonight and he had gotten hurt. So you live with the decision you make. You make a wise decision, the wisest one you can, and then you live with it and move forward.”

When it comes to Durant, he won’t play in Game 4.

“Kevin will not play tomorrow,” Kerr said. “He will continue to get treatment, get on the court and continue to work. But he will be unavailable for Game 4.

“I was hoping that today would be the day he could get back on the floor,” Kerr added. “It’s not going to be today, it’s going to be probably tomorrow … the following day … the next couple days. So the hope would be that he could still make it back at the end of the series. But there was no setback.”

Stephen Curry said Thompson was ready to jump into the game on Wednesday, as he was warming up. However, Kerr didn’t let him in.

“He was giving it everything he had to be out there tonight. But I think wisdom prevailed in terms of this is potentially a seven-game series,” the guard said. “You would like to take advantage of tonight, but his overall health is important in terms of not taking away the rest of the series with something catastrophic happening. So hopefully he’s back for Game 4.”

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