Warriors Roasted For Reaching On Their First-Round Pick

Former Michigan player Jordan Poole made his way to the Golden State Warriors. The Wolverines sculpted a first-round NBA Draft pick for the fourth year in a row.

The shooting guard is the eight Michigan player since 2013 to be drafted in the first round. The Golden State Warriors selected him with the 28th overall pick.

In his sophomore season, the Milwaukee native had 12.8 points, 3.0 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game. Poole also had an effective field goal percentage of 53.8 percent and shot 36.9 percent from three-point range.

From Nov. 23 to Jan. 6, Poole averaged 17.2 points per game and had 31 of 57 three-poiint attempts. His athleticism and shooting ability are really great, and Poole exceeded every NBA mock draft expecttion.

No national mock draft named Poole as a first-round selection, and the Warriors made a really bold move with this one.

Warriors veteran forward Andre Iguodala believes that Poole may contribute to the locker room dynamic. Draymond Green is a former michigan State Spartans player, and Poole played for the Wolverines. In other words, Green will sure bring this up in the locker room.

Things may easily get intense in the locker room, especially when Michigan takes on Michigan State in the season.

“Jordan Poole created one of the most iconic Michigan sports moments of my lifetime,” Scott Bell tweeted. “He had charisma, had fun playing the game and helped Michigan raise multiple banners. If you’re anything but thrilled over this guy becoming a first-round pick, you’re probably a terrible person.”

It’s interesting to note that it has been 42 years since the Warriors drafted a player that was part of the Michigan Wolverines.

“About Jordan Poole (no relation): He’s fearless, and embraces the big moment. Has Jarrett Jack swag but is a better athlete,” Monte Poole tweeted. Let’s just say that this is everything the Warriors need at the moment. Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant suffered terrible injuries, and may miss a big portion of the upcoming season.

There are still people who believe that Poole doesn’t belong to the franchise. Let’s wait and see if this is true.

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