Watch: Tom Brady In Super Bowl Form During Patriots Minicamp Drill

The New England Patriots had their minicamp, and Tom Brady was great.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is back on the field, and he was great in the minicamp opener. Brady skipped out voluntary OTAs, but returned to the field for the mandatory three-day minicamp. He led the first team in a drill that looked familiar, and the GOAT completed five consecutive passes to five different players.

It’s June, and Brady has already switched his winning mode on.

Patriots players admire TB12, Ben Watson praised his teammate.

“I’m going to listen to everything he does,” he said. “I’m 38 — not quite where he is — but all the tips that he does, I need to do the same thing. I gotta stay on the field too.”

“Even before we got out here, in the locker room he was like ‘It’s gonna be a good day,’” he said. “He had an excitement about going out and playing football, going out and competing, doing his craft. For me watching that, that’s contagious. It’s not only contagious for me, it’s contagious for all the guys in the locker room to see that there’s a guy at his level that still enjoys doing it after all these years.”

“People talk about money, people talk about fame, he enjoys competing,” Watson said. “He enjoys winning. Anybody that’s good at their job, doing their job, there has to be something outside of the external that you enjoy doing to keep you going for that long at that level.

Well, not everyone shares the same opinion. It turns out that Brady is responsible for Adam Humphries’ departure.

“Obviously, he’s the G.O.A.T. That’s that simple,” Humphries said. “But there’s so much that factors into a decision. It was a four-year deal. Who knows how many (years) he’s got left? There’s a lot that goes into it.

“Obviously the chance to play with him would have been awesome, but a lot of things factor into that decision. Ultimately, I thought this was coming here to a team that was on the rise and with young talent on the offense and a really good defense. They’d had a taste of the playoffs. I felt like my need at the slot position was great. I felt like I could really contribute and start something new here.”

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