Colin Cowherd Makes Wild LeBron James-Kevin Durant Warriors Comparison

We’re in that four-week period where it’s a complete dead zone for all things NBA,” Yahoo Sports’ Joshsorck said. “Free agency has wrapped up, stars are bailing on Team USA training camp, Steph Curryis busying stomping on internet trolls and perfecting his long-iron game on the golf course. So, what is there to talk about in the NBA world on July 22? Have no fear, basketball fans, Colin Cowherd is here.

“The popular FOX Sports radio host has been known to rip of”f an odd take and quirky comparison from time to time, and July is the prime time to unleash those. When discussing the similarities and differences between LeBron James and Kevin Durant, Cowherd pointed to KD’s exit from the Warriors as a prime example of how the two stars differ. Confused? Me too. According to Cowherd, had James been a member of the Warriors alongside Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, he would not have decided to leave because he has “too great of a sense of himself and too great a sense of history in the league” to leave the Warriors while Curry, Thompson and Green still are in their primes. I mean, that’s just like your opinion, man.

“Durant leaving the Warriors for the Brooklyn Nets was an odd decision but one that wasn’t all that surprising. After winning two NBA titles with the Warriors, the superstar reportedly wasn’t as happy as the Dubs thought he would be. There were constant whispers about Durant’s insecurity with the Warriors being Curry’s team and not both of theirs. So the departure honestly was expected.”

LeBron is ready to do whatever it takes to make a good career. Durant is ready to do the same thing,

“As for the comparison with James, if we’ve learned anything about the three-time NBA champion, it’s that he — like Durant — will do whatever he wants to do when it comes to his career.”

Well, things are looking really fine with the NBA, and Durant and LeBron will keep making headlines. Let’s see what happens next. Game on, stars!  Let’s see who wins.

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