Julian Edelman Shares Awesome Video Of Throwing Football To A Kid As Potential Patriots Recruit

The New England Patriots will begin their training camp in less than a week, and Julian Edelman is busy looking for recruits. It looks like he found one. That kid may be an excellent recruit for the Patriots.

The wideout took to his Instagram account to post a video, and we can see that he is super thrilled while throwing to a kid. Is that the new recruit?

Edelman spent some time at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, and taught kids fundamentals and skills. Is he giving away Patriots secrets?

“We’re showing them some techniques, giving them little pointers that are fundamental things we do in the pros that you still have to work on,” said Edelman. “The game comes down to simple things. When you work fundamentals during high pressure situations, you’re going to lean back on those. You learn these things as a kid.”

The wideout is really excited about the new season. He will play alongside many new players, and that’s always a good thing.

“I’m extremely excited for the new year. This is a new team. With training camp coming up, this is kind of like when school’s back in session. We had summer break. You get to see the fellas. But this is where you learn the team, learn (about) each other, become accountable for each other, and work hard together, and create a consistency together,” he said. “This is the beginning shape form of your team, these next few weeks. It’s a crucial point. We put a lot of hard work in during the spring. It’s the next step toward playing with other teams. So it’s definitely exciting.”

When it comes to this event, Edelman enjoyed spending time with kids, because he was a kid who wanted to know everything.

“It’s fun (for me). You get to come out here, and you get to see the future. I remember being a kid, going to (San Francisco) 49er camps. And it was a blast. You get to go play football with great coaches, and you get to see a (player) you liked . . . and you get to eat a burger and have fun,” said Edelman, who made sure the kids had plenty of water on a hot day. “That’s what summer’s about. I think it’s really important for these kids to come out here and do physical activity instead of staying in the house and doing video games. This generation is definitely different, and I’m part of that. It’s fun to get them out here and run around.”

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