LeBron James And Steph Curry Can’t Believe What They Look Like With FaceApp Old Age Filter

Did you take part in the #AgeChallenge? LeBron James and Stephen Curry decided to try the FaceApp Old Age filter, and they look… old. But, the superstar don’t mind this.

“Man I don’t care what y’all say I’m taking a ‘Load Management’ game off tonight! I’ve earned it, and my bones’ have too!” he wrote.

Curry looks pretty old, too. Just kidding. The Warriors used the opportunity to tell everyone that he’s a Warrior for life.

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Been #dubnation since day 1 ?

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LeBron James may not be worried about his age, but it looks like he has an age-related problem to take care of. His hairline.

According to The Idle Man, LeBron’s hairline is fuller, healthier and well defined. We can see that, too.

“If we take a look at LeBron James’ hairline in 2016, we can notice how his hairline has changed. It now appears a lot fuller, healthy and defined. If you’re wondering how he managed to achieve such radical changes, there are two options. Some argue that he had a hair transplant or went through hair loss treatments. LeBron’s new haircut is very different from the shaved up look he sported before and you can see the differences with his forehead.

“Going through hair transplant surgery is no piece of cake but it’s the process that guarantees the best results. If you want to go through with the treatment, it’s essential that you start it before you start displaying signs of baldness. If we look at the way LeBron James’ hair grows back, it’s no surprise that experts might suggest that he went through hair transplant surgery.

“There are rumours that the thinning of LeBron’s hairline was a serious problem for the NBA star and there were also more rumours about him using concealers to make his hairline look thicker. However, what leads people to believe is the appearance of a distinctive scar at the back of his head.”

LeBron and Steph may be rivals on the floor, but they do respect each other. The Laker has nothing but words of praise for Curry, and the Warrior feels the same way about Bron. Good luck next season, guys!

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