NFL Commentator Sees A ‘100 Percent’ Chance Of a Rob Gronkowski Comeback

Will Rob Gronkowski return to the field? Rich Eisen says yes.

Gronk talked to the NFL host in July, and said, “I can’t really say how I’m going to feel about it when the games start rolling around.” This added fuel to the fire, and there’s a strong speculation suggesting that Gronk will rejoin his team.

On Wednesday, Eisen made a bold prediction about Gronk and his unretirement. According to him, the whole thing will start with us seeing Gronk at the Patriots’ banner-raising ceremony on opening night.

“Gronk will be there in civilian clothes,” Eisen began, “and he’ll look around, and he’ll see the fireworks going off, and he’ll feel really good. He’s gone through the offseason workout of his own, he’ll feel really good, and then he’ll look around and go, ‘Why the hell am I not doing this right now?’”

Eisen believes that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will call Gronk at some point in the regular season and ask him to come back.

“This is going to happen,” he said. “Somebody in the information business is going to find out the point by which he has to inform New England that he’s coming back because paperwork needs to be filed, and removal from retirement list has to officially be done, and then there’s going to have to be some form of being on a roster by a certain point in order to be able to play in a certain game. That information is going to come out. I don’t know if it’s going to be Ian [Rapoport] or [Adam] Schefter, name it, or [Mike] Florio, somebody’s going to report that. And it’s just going to spark up all sorts of questions.”

“I’m road-mapping it for you folks, the way this is going to work,” Eisen added.

When asked what percentage chance he gives for a Gronk return, Eisen was pretty sure.

“One hundred percent. Have I stuttered in the last month at all?”

Well, the Patriots nation sure hopes to see Gronk back on the field. Brady needs him. The Patriots need him. This should be enough for Gronk to come back.

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