Report: Patriots Work Out 4 Wide Receivers Following Julian Edelman’s Injury

The New England Patriots will have to open their training camp without Julian Edelman. He will miss the opening of the 2019 regular season. So the team has to work on the replacement of Edelman. They are having Nick Williams, Justin Hunter, Papi White and Travin Dural.

The Patriots will have to proceed without Edelman. Well, not the shark.

“Meet Jules! Originally tagged in 2011 and unamed until now, he’s one of our most reliable sharks—returning every year since. Like @Edelman11, he dropped his coverage and his squirrelly behavior made it hard to get a new tag in him. Hard work pays off, and he was retagged Tuesday.”

Edelman is super excited to enter the new season.

“I’m extremely excited for the new year. This is a new team. With training camp coming up, this is kind of like when school’s back in session. We had summer break. You get to see the fellas. But this is where you learn the team, learn (about) each other, become accountable for each other, and work hard together, and create a consistency together,” he said. “This is the beginning shape form of your team, these next few weeks. It’s a crucial point. We put a lot of hard work in during the spring. It’s the next step toward playing with other teams. So it’s definitely exciting.”

He still celebrates the release of his documentary.

“When injury and controversy threatened Julian Edelman’s NFL career, he returned to his father, an auto mechanic, to fix what was broken,” a statement from Showtime read about the new documentary. “100% is an intimate behind the scenes look at the three-time Super Bowl Champion during a critical juncture in his life. After a dramatic victory in Super Bowl 51, Edelman suffered a devastating knee injury that forced him to miss the entirety of the 2017 season. The film joins Edelman as he attempts to overcome the challenge of a season ending surgery and PED suspension all while exposing the unorthodox origins that built him into one of the NFL’s most affable stars.”


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