Rob Gronkowksi Reveals What He’s Been Doing Since Retiring From NFL

The New England Patriots will open the regular season in September without Rob Gronkowski. Tom Brady’s favorite target is making headlines these days, and the Patriots nation can’t accept the fact that Gronk is no longer part of the team. Well, we have to admit that Gronk gave us a few reasons to believe that he will eventually come back to the field.

Gronk announced his decision to retire earlier this offseason, and he’s been doing some fun stuff these days. The retired tight end enjoys his retirement, and he uses his free time to follow every step his girlfriend makes. That’s actually good, because being a star tight end is never easy. Camille Kostek is super busy with her modeling career, and we believe that she enjoys her success at the moment.

Gronkowski keeps getting questions about his retirement and his potential comeback. This time he was asked about his activities. The answer was pretty detailed.

Just relaxing. I just played a good 15 years straight of football every single year, so I have just been relaxing,” Gronkowski told ESPN on the red carpet before the 2019 ESPY Awards. “Staying active still. I love playing other sports. I actually love playing outdoor sports during the summer, like ‘pig’ and ‘horse’ in basketball, pool basketball. But my favorite game out there is corn hole. I love corn hole and when you sink four shots in a row — one, two, three, four — against your opponent, that is a great feeling.” 

Gronk knows how to bring life to parties, and he is actually good in that. Does he enjoy corn hole?

“I have actually heard about it. I have been recommended by many people to look into it, but I don’t know,” Gronkowski said. “I don’t feel like my corn hole game is that good. I feel like every single shot, those pros put it in. Maybe one day. But as of right now, I just love to show up at houses, love to show up at summer parties in the backyard and just play some corn hole.”

Is there any chance that Gronk joins his team again?


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