Tom Brady Fires Gun, Shouts Out Patrick Mahomes In Latest Instagram Video

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady likes to surprise fans with his posts, and let’s just say he’s been all over social media this offseason. TB12 worked out all the time, but he always had enough time to write something on Twitter or Instagram. This time the quarterback shared a video of him firing a gun, and he shouted out Patrick Mahomes.

We all remember Brady’s meeting with Mahomes after the AFC Championship game. Brady went to his rivals’ locker room in order to talk with Mahomes. Was it a meeting of mutual respect or was it a meeting of encouragement?

“I think it was a little bit of both,” Mahomes said. “It was such a great game with so many emotions where it was going back and forth at the end. I feel like he just came up to me and was kind saying, ‘Good game,’ and everything like that. I mean, he was in my place (earlier in his career). He was young. He got to win the Super Bowl in his first year with you (Bruschi) and everybody, so he understands that time, it flies by, just make sure I put in the work, and I think he saw that I put in the work to be in those situations.”

Brady didn’t reveal too many details.

“I just went and saw him,” Brady said. “I mean, he’s feeling like you think he’d feel when you lose a game like this. It hurts. He’s a hell of a … I mean, what a great young player. So impressed with his poise, his leadership. He is spectacular.”

It was really bad and it hurt.

“You have to take in the hurt,” Mahomes said in his postgame press conference. “You have to accept that this hurts. It’s supposed to hurt. You put in work for this. You’re doing everything you can to get to the Super Bowl and to win it. For this opportunity to fall short, it’s going to hurt, and he told us to accept that. You have to go to through that, but at the same time, when you look back and then you come back and look at the bigger picture, you know you can build off this, use this feeling as motivation to go out and find ways to win next time.”

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