Eric Mangini Defends Tom Brady By Destroying Rob Parker’s Awful Take

Rob Parker likes to trash Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and Eric Mangini has had enough of it.

Parker crosses the red line every time he talks about Brady, and he is full of doubt at the beginning of the season.

“It’s a landslide. It’s not even close,” Parker said. “Did you watch Tom Brady in that Super Bowl, No. 6? He was so bad. They couldn’t even fudge it and give him the MVP, that’s how bad he was even though he had a big fourth quarter with a couple throws. I’ll give you that, but no touchdowns, a fumble, a pick on his very first pass of the game. He looked all the part of a 40-plus-year-old quarterback. Any executive, any GM, coach looking cannot look at those two and go — this is not a lifetime achievement award. If it’s a lifetime achievement award, I get the Brady pick. That’s not what we’re talking about. The only thing that has derailed Aaron Rodgers is his health and him being hurt. When he’s healthy and he plays. he’s as good as anybody we’ve ever seen.”

He continued: “If you were picking a team, you would take Aaron Rodgers 10 out of 10 over Tom Brady. Tom Brady is old. He’s old, he’s washed up.”

Mangini fired back in the most glorious way ever.

“Can I give you my glasses, cause obviously you haven’t been watching Tom Brady, OK? All of his numbers are down,” Parker told Mangini. “Last year: passer rating, down. Touchdown passes, down. Interceptions, up. Yards per game, down. Completion percentage, down. Yards per pass, down. Did you watch him in the Super Bowl? Did you watch how awful Tom Brady was?”

Mangini replied: “Can we just talk about your hashtag? Hashtag inconsistent Rob Parker. So the last segment we did, you didn’t wanna hear about Dak’s (Prescott) stats. Dak’s stats didn’t matter in relation to Carson Wentz. It was, ‘Do you watch the tape? Who would you want? Who would you take?’ And then inconsistent Rob Parker pivots to, ‘This is down, the stats are down, this is down.’ You know what’s up? Another Super Bowl banner.”

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