New England Patriots Reportedly Release Danny Etling

The New England Patriots offered Danny Etling the opportunity to be part of Julian Edelman’s receiving corps. Unfortunately, Etling wasn’t as effective as the Patriots expected him to be, and he will have to find another team. The Patriots decided to waive Etling.

Drafting Etling was always viewed as an interesting choice as he didn’t separate from the rest of the draft class at LSU. He showed the Tigers he had wheels, but had seasons of just 11 and 16 touchdowns throwing the ball in his final two years in Baton Ruge.

Etling was given a chance to learn behind Tom Brady as a passer. He was happy with his game in Foxboro. His teammates like him, too.

He worked extremely hard,” Maurice Harris said. “He’s a great guy. I think he will keep his head high and be positive about the decision and everything. He was doing good. I hope the best for him in the future.”

Etling was happy in New England, but it’s no longer his home.

“I’ve learned a lot, just so far, I’ve been given different tasks and different jobs to do,” Etling said of his experience with the team in November. “ For the most part I’ve just been able to sit there and learn exactly what game day will be like, and the attitude on the sideline, adjusting to different things in the NFL. I get to watch two pretty great quarterbacks in front of me prepare for the game, how they react to things on the sideline, how they adjust, it’s been a blessing and I’m so thankful for it.”

“Just trying to envision to see if you were the one playing. You want to find play clocks, you want to just figure out how you travel as an NFL player, how you want to prepare as an NFL player going into an opposing stadium, things like that. You want to take it very seriously, and you want to be thankful that you have that opportunity, that Coach lets you do it. It’s pretty much what you try to do. Just take advantage of every single opportunity you have to get better and learn.”


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