Watch: Steph Curry Hit Underhanded, One-Handed Half-Court Shot

Steph Curry is an excellent basketball player, and we all know that. He is probably the greatest player the Golden State Warriors have on the roster.

Curry pulls out some crazy moves on the floor, but this underhanded half-court shot was brilliant. The Warrior swished it at the Warriors Basketball Camp.

The Warriors are no longer considered contenders, but Curry has something else to say.

“I just laugh at it,” Curry said during his second annual Warriors All-Girls basketball camp in Oakland on Monday afternoon. “Anybody can say anything about anything nowadays and it can pick up steam. So we’ve had lots of support. We’ve had a lot of criticism on the way that doesn’t change now. Just what they’re saying is different so doesn’t change how we go about our business.”

He is happy with the success his team had in the past few years.

“We won two championships and I think we both got better throughout the process both as basketball players and as people,” Curry said. “With the demand every single night to be great and everything that comes with… it’s a lot to handle and I think me and him especially on that level could connect.”

Durant signed with the Brooklyn Nets. It was a hard decision, but Curry supports him. He will miss his teammate tough.

“Obviously at the end of the day with him going to Brooklyn, you’re just trying to make sure he’s happy and going to a place he feels like he needs to be,” he said. “At the end of the day you have to be happy about that for him. That’s what every player in this league wants, to be in a situation where they can decide where they want to play. I’ll always remember the three years we had, like he said we’ll probably be back here down the road celebrating those like they did the 74-75 team, so it’ll be cool when that happens.”

Today, he is focused on his new teammates. D’Angelo Russell is one of them.

“He’s just amazingly talented and skilled and he’s got creativity in terms of ball handling, the way he can see the floor, obviously he can shoot the lights out,” Curry said of Russell. “He’ll give us a different look in terms of somebody who can have the ball in their hands and create offense, and we’re going to need that playmaking ability.”

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