Julian Edelman’s Brutal Trash Talk Shaped Careers Of Malcolm Butler, Logan Ryan

Malcolm Butler and Logan Ryan became this great thanks to Julian Edelman and his trash talk. These two are highly-paid NFL players at the moment, and Edelman’s big mouth helped them become this awesome.

The Tennessee Titans cornerbacks revealed the secret behind their success during an interview with The Athletic’s John Glennon. Edelman’s trash talking helped them improve their seasons. Edelman was a fifth-year pro who hadn’t a breakout season when Ryan joined the Patriots as a rookie in 2013. He was playing his sixth season when Butler joined the squad.

Butler and Ryan were young, but this didn’t stop Edelman from smashing them. Yes, they learned how to execute perfectly.

“Yes he would, all the time,” Butler said. “I can remember him telling me, ‘This is the fade route, and I don’t think you can cover it.’ I took that personally, and started working on stopping other routes. So of course, he ran the fade on me (for a completion).” 

Butler said Edelman’s mind games helped him survive as a rookie.

“When Julian gives it to you, he gives it to you,” he said. “He’s going to let you know about it. So that humbled me a little bit my rookie year when I was there.” 

These two fired back. Regularly.

“I can’t really tell you what was said,” Ryan said, “because it’s not really fit for print.”

“We could definitely trash talk at times,” Butler added. “We could kind of get rude verbally at times.”
They have high opinion of Edelman and all the respect in this world for Tom Brady’s favorite target.

“He’s a good dude,” Butler said. “I love him. He’s a great competitor, but he always gave me encouraging words. We even went to Disney World together.” 
Ryan knows how to sum up the impact Edelman had on his career.
“I hope I made him better,” Ryan said. “I know he made me better.” 
This was a good one. Well, Edelman is on to trash talking again, and Patriots rookies better watch out for him. Being a Patriot is a challenge, but Edelman knows how to get the best out of his teammates.

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