Watch Bill Belichick Got Patriots Rookies to Sing Happy Birthday to Mike Vrabel at Practice

The New England Patriots are much more than a team packed with stars. They know how to have fun, too. The Patriots and Tennessee Titans had joint practices on Wednesday, and the players of both teams had a lot of fun. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick made his rookies sing happy birthday to Titans coach Mike Vrabel. Let’s not forget that Vrabel is a former Patriots linebacker. He turned 44, and the rookies did an incredible job with their wishes.

This was an excellent gesture of respect from the Patriots head coach. Belichick loves and respects Vrabel, and he feels the same way for his former players. Vrabel played with the young guns and broke the huddle after they finished the song.

The serenade sort of eased the tensions. Brady stepped onto the Titans practice field, and Vrabel had something to say to him. Brady fired back, of course.

The Patriots and Titans will play in Week 2 of the preseason. Belichick and Vrabel won’t spare each other.

“It was fun,” Vrabel said after the practice Wednesday. “It brought back a lot of memories. Just to be able to sit out there and have him — they make a play and he (Brady) turns around and says, ‘Mikey you better cover that. You guys need to do this.’ I’m sure I had plenty to say too.”

Brady plays on the opposite team, but Vrabel praises the GOAT. We all know that Bray has been doing magic for two decades.

“It’s something that’s very unusual in this league — the longevity and the success over a course of time,” Vrabel said. “But Tom’s very committed to football and to winning and to being very competitive and taking care of his body, continuing to find new ways to train. He knows exactly when he needs to start training. Maybe he doesn’t start as early. It’s a different routine that maybe he had when he was 26. It’s fun for us. Good for us to be able to compete against him.”

We are looking forward to see the best of both teams. Let’s see what happens in the regular season.

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