Lakers’ DeMarcus Cousins Reportedly Suffered Torn ACL During Workout in Las Vegas

It all ended before it even began.

The Los Angeles Lakers signed DeMarcus Cousins after the difficult season he’s had with the Golden State Warriors while recovering from a ruptured Achilles the year prior.

Reports emerged that he suffered a knee injury during a workout in Las Vegas. Now, it’s been confirmed that Cousins has a torn ACL, which will likely keep him out for the entire 2019-2020 season.

He’ll need additional tests to officially confirm the injury.

The news were devastating for everyone involved. This is Cousins’ third drastic injury within 18 months (ruptured Achilles at the end of the 2017-2018 season, torn quad during the 2018-2019 playoffs, and now this) and the Lakers are left without the star they were hoping to pair with Anthony Davis.

After an incredible, Hall-of-Fame-like start, DeMarcus’ career has went downhill and now the road to recovery for the big man will be as arduous as ever.

The chance to reunite with former Pelicans teammate Anthony Davis on a team that also happens to feature LeBron James was a dream for DeMarcus Cousins, whose Warriors fell short of glory in this summer’s NBA Finals at the hands of the Toronto Raptors.

Now, his future in the NBA remains to be seen.

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