Chase Winovich Has Smart Response To Tom Brady’s Fashion-Forward Instagram

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his rookie teammate Chase Winovich are in a war. A war of comments. It all started at the very first moment Winovich joined the New England Patriots, and Brady’s hat was the last subject of their “discussion.”

Brady shared a photo of his outfit for the preseason game with the Carolina Panthers. He had a stylish hat, and Winovich’s comment gave us a good laugh.

“I wear a hat like that when I read Shakespeare,” the rookie wrote.

These two will keep making headlines, and they have the perfect relationship on the field. Winovich is a great player, and Brady respects great players.

What keeps Winovich playing this good? It’s all about a promise.

“Ever since high school, my grandma has been promising me, if I played hard and I didn’t get hurt, she’s been promising me $5 and a chocolate bar, either Hershey’s or Sarris Candies,” the rookie told media members at Nissan Stadium. “So today was just another day where I just went out there and I said, ‘You know what, I’ve got to play hard. I need that $5, and I need the candy.’”

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick likes how Winovich handles the pressure in Foxboro.

“Chase is a high-motor player,” the head coach told media members. “He plays hard. He’s very good in pursuit. You see it in the kicking game, see it on defense.”

Winovich likes his own game, too.

“I really don’t know why I’m built like that. It might be a gift and a curse sometimes when it’s extremely hot and they’re just trying to run the ball away.

“I see the guy, and in my head, there’s a little part of me that’s like, ‘You’re probably not going to make this play. Maybe you should save it for the next one when it comes to you.’ But you’ll see me just sprinting and trying to hit somebody or hit something.”

The Patriots are pretty packed for the upcoming season, and their wide receiver unit is stronger than ever. They lost a few players to injuries, but Julian Edelman is already back.

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