LeBron James Spotted Shooting Awesome Pizza Commercial In Akron

Lakers star LeBron James spent his Tuesday at Cedar Point with the kids from his I Promise students. He was busy on Wednesday, and had a lot of fun delivering pizza. Yes, you read that right.

LeBron is a partial owner of Blaze Pizza. He was making a commercial for the pizza chain on West Market Street in Highland Square. What was his role? Delivering pizza. West Market Street was closed to traffic for a few hours while crews filmed the commercial.

After the filming was done, patrons of businesses along West Market Street enjoyed their slice of pizza and told everybody that they had their pizza delivered from the king of basketball.

When it comes to playing basketball with the kids, LeBron was more than thrilled.

“LeBron James scored a slam dunk Wednesday when he played in the first game at the new outdoor basketball court at Akron’s I Promise School.

“The winner? Everybody.

“Students, teachers and community members cheered from outside the fence surrounding the colorful court where James and the rest of St. Vincent-St. Mary’s “Fab 5” team played against the I Promise School’s “new” Fab 5 girls and boys teams.

“’This is a basketball court and we see basketball hoops, but it teaches you so much more than just basketball,’ said the former Cavalier and current Laker. ‘To create a brotherhood or a sisterhood, to be able to create things that last forever… We created a friendship over 25 years ago and we’re still standing strong, so it means a lot.’

“James was reunited with Dru Joyce III, Sian Cotton, Willie McGee and Romeo Travis, and the 2003 state championship team’s coach, Dru Joyce II. 

“’We started here on an outdoor court, us five, and now we’re going to give back to you guys,’ James said.”

LeBron is really busy this summer, and he has a lot of work on the filming of Space Jam 2. He is also getting ready for the upcoming season, and the Los Angeles Lakers need his talent. They have already lost DeMarcus Cousins due to an injury, so it will be really hard.

“We started here on an outdoor court, us five, and now we’re going to give back to you guys,” James said.

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