Derrick Rose Addresses Playing Alongside LeBron James, Praises His Professionalism

Playing alongside LeBron James is something most NBA players look forward to. Derrick Rose had the opportunity to play with the GOAT, and according to him, it was great.

Rose talked to SI Now’s Robin Lundberg about his experience with King James. He said the environment around LeBron was always at championship level.

This is pretty different than the opinion he had last year. Rose said it was “super awkward” back then, adding that it was his only way back into the league.

“I was just trying to make it back to the league, man,” Rose said. “I had to sign with a team that I had battled with for four or five years. I played with a player I battled with for four or five years in LeBron.

“Come on, man. It was super awkward, but that was my only way back.”

The 30-year-old guard played just 16 games with the Cavaliers. Rose averaged 9.8 points in 19.3 minutes per game. The Minnesota Timberwolves were different.

“It’s relaxing now, bro. It was a different league when I was doing that. It was just different. You can’t do it by yourself anymore. Coming here, I think coming off the bench and Thibs uses me for offense, defense. Him having that confidence in me to throw me out there and say, ‘You’re going to stick DeMar (DeRozan), you’re going to stick this person.’ I’m all for it just to show the young guys how to succeed.

“I don’t look back. Coming here, I don’t have to look back, dude. I got Lu (Luol Deng) here, I got Taj (Gibson) here, I got Jimmy (Butler) here. I feel like I’m a different player. To adapt to this league now, you got to be able to shoot, period. I feel my game is more controlled and I have better pace to my game. I’m not out of control and reckless. I’ve matured as a player, but it’s going to take the public seeing me more and seeing the team win more.”

Well, Lakers players are pretty happy with LeBron. They missed the playoffs last season. Hopefully, that won’t happen this season.

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