Watch: Patriots Players FaceTime Kyle Van Noy After Dominant Win Vs. Steelers

Kyle Van Noy didn’t play in the regular season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He wasn’t in Foxboro to help his team in their effort to defeat the Steelers. However, he was watched the game and tweeted his support all night long. Well, we know that Van Noy had to be with his lovely wife as she was about to give birth to their first baby. Patriots players didn’t forget to include their teammate in the postgame celebration, and FaceTimed the new dad to share their excitement.

Van Noy didn’t play because Marissa went into labor. The couple celebrated the birth of Trae Ledgend Van Noy and the baby sure knew how to pick the right day to come to this world.

Patriots players rushed across the locker room, happy to celebrate their win against the Steelers. It’s nice that they thought of Van Noy.

The Patriot shared his excitement on Twitter, announcing the birth of the baby.

“Last night was incredible!” Van Noy tweeted Monday morning. “We welcomed a young king into the world! Trae Ledgend Van Noy!!!!!! Mom is doing great. We appreciate all the love and prayers.”

His wife kept fans updated throughout her pregnancy.

“It’s BABY MONTH!!!,” the new mom wrote on Instagram. “Not going to lie, I have been feeling pretty uncomfortable these past few weeks… small daily tasks become so much harder when you have a little human taking up all of your space  But I have truly felt so empowered throughout this pregnancy and I feel so grateful that I get to be a mommy to my little one. It blows my mind how incredible a woman’s body is  With that being said I also am overwhelmed by the love of a Mother, no matter how someone reaches motherhood- if they grow their babies in their bellies or in their hearts through adoption, foster care, etc. Being a mom is such a big responsibility/gift that I feel so lucky to take on ♥️ #maternity”Van Noy will be pretty busy with the new baby in the house. He will have to think about all the sleepless nights.

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