Antonio Brown Reveals Reason He Chose To Wear No. 17 With Patriots

Antonio Brown won’t be able to wear No. 84 with the New England Patriots, and he decided to wear No. 17. There’s a really good reason for him to pick this number, and the superstar wide receiver talked about it in a video posted to his YouTube channel.

The receiver’s father, Eddie Brown, wore this number during his time in the Arena Football League with the Albany and Firebirds.

“You know, my dad always inspired me, you know what I mean?” Brown said in the video. “From his work ethic, following commitment. No. 17, you know, I’ve seen that guy make a lot of touchdowns, dedicated his life, sacrificed his life. We got so much similarities, our charisma, the way we approach the field. Seeing me and seeing my dad is like seeing two identical guys. It’s kind of rare. You know it’s like seeing your son but more so like your brother. You know, our mannerisms, the way we approach the game, the way we make people feel. A lot of similarities between me and my dad. I’m glad he’s my dad.”

Brown is in a serious trouble at the moment, and his professional career is in danger after all the allegations against him. In his previous post, Brown wrote a message about support, hoping to get all the support in this world in the next period.

“I am supported in every aspect of my life.

“I am often mesmerized as I gaze at the twinkling stars shining so beautifully in the night sky. Taking in this glorious vision, I expand my faith in the organizing power of the universe that aligns the stars and planets in perfect order. There is a divine orchestration unfolding, a perfect pattern that includes my life, paving the way for my greatest blessings.

“Along my spiritual journey, I came to know God as ‘Good Orderly Direction.’ When a challenge arises, I know my divine nature will guide me through. Drawing on faith, I look to the next horizon with positive expectancy. I step into the highest vision for my life, empowered and at peace, knowing that my good is unfolding.”

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