Dolphins Security Guard Had Priceless Reaction To Seeing Tom Brady In Person

Meeting Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in person is such a big deal. I mean, he is the greatest of all time, and you can’t just ignore his presence. The quarterback knows how to make heads turn, and this time it was a Dolphins security guard.

Julian Edelman and the rest of the guys see Brady on a daily basis, but some people haven’t met him yet. This security guard sure hasn’t. She spotted Brady at Hard Rock Stadium, and her reaction was priceless.

When it comes to Edelman, he will always remember the first time he met Brady.

“I remember Tom walked in and I had my big ole 4-inch binder and we were going and he was walking through the doorway and all of a sudden I look up and he walks through and he goes, ‘Hey, I’m Tom.’ I almost dropped my book and I am like, ‘Holy smokes. It’s Tom Brady,’ I am a Bay Area kid. I was a big fan. And he goes, ‘Hey, Julian.’ He knew my name, too. He had his ol’ little grin on that he has. I dropped my book like, ‘Hey, Tom’ and you’re scrambling to meetings and stuff. As a rookie, you are in a new environment and you’re trying to study calculus with basic math knowledge. That is what you’re going through and then Tom Brady walks through the door. It was funny, but it was very a welcoming hello.”

Tonight’s game was a complete failure for the Dolphins. The team had zero chances against the GOAT, Antonio Brown and the rest of the Patriots. New England always played bad in Miami, but this time it was different. The Dolphins face serious issues at the moment, and some players have asked their agents for a transfer.

Miami was pretty good last season, but the 2019 season started really bad. Starting a new season with two terrible losses is the worst nightmare for a team, and the Dolphins are trying to figure out how to leave the mess.

New England celebrates at the moment, but Brown didn’t join his teammates for the celebration.

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