Look: Warriors Alternate Jersey Goes Live On The NBA Store’s Europe Site

The Golden State Warriors haven’t made official announcement regarding their jersey for the 2019-20 season. However, the leaks have said enough.

Four new jerseys leaked on the r/warriors subreddit. The video game trailer for NBA 2K20 put Warriors fans in panic mode. Well, this jersey was put up for sale on the NBA Store’s EU site. It’s available on pre-order, and the delivery is set for later this month.

“Golden State will witness changes off the court as well. For 38 years, the team played in Oakland. This year, the Warriors are moving to the brand-new Chase Center in San Francisco. As part of the move, they’ve made several tweaks to the logo and uniform. In June, the Warriors slightly updated their logo. They changed the font and redesigned the logo’s Golden Gate Bridge to look more accurate.

“Last week, pictures of the new uniform leaked. Many of the new designs only have minor changes. On the blue uniform, the Warriors updated the logo and switched the use of blue and gold. Their other uniforms have similar small tweaks. The basic uniform is the same but some stripe colors and logo designs are slightly updated.

“The new uniform for the Warriors is “The Bay” uniform. In the past, the Warriors wore uniforms with logos representing “The City” (San Francisco) and “The Town” (Oakland). The Warriors are now adding a uniform with a new logo representing the San Francisco Bay area.

“The Warrior’s uniforms looked good before, but the minor tweaks are improvements. For example, switching the blue and gold on the blue uniform’s logo makes the logo stand out more. However, “The Bay” unis seem like a marketing ploy in an attempt to keep long-time Oakland fans happy while the team moves to San Francisco.”

The Warriors lost the chance to win a title last season, but they have high hopes for this one. They will play without Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson won’t join the team until February. So, Stephen Curry will have to lead the team towards the playoffs. It will be hard and messy, but every NBA team will face the same challenge.

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