Photo: Julian Edelman Asks Gronk For Ration On Epic Spike Vs. Jets, TE Responds

Patriots receiver Julian Edelman played the first half of the Week 3 game against the New York Jets. He had to leave the game due to a chest injury, but he was really great in the first two quarters of the match. Edelman had seven catches for 62 yards and his first touchdown for the season. How did he celebrate it? With the Gronk spike.

The receiver shared a photo of him spiking the football, and asked Rob Gronkowski to rate it. The retired tight end trademarked the Gronk Spike during his time with the Patriots.

Tom Brady commented to the photo, and he gave Edelman a 10. Gronk responded to the photo, too.

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Hey @gronk how’s my form? 1-10 ?

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Believe it or not, there’s a definition of Gronk Spike in the Urban Dictionary.

The action of forcing an object (usually a football) into the ground with tremendous force as a way of celebration or because you’re f—ing hammered and felt like doing it anyway.

ESPN’s Rich Cimini reported that the Gronk spike first appeared on Sept. 26, 2010. He wrote, “ After scoring his second NFL touchdown on a short pass from Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski raised his left leg in Juan Marichal-like fashion, reached back with his meaty right arm, hopped three times on his right foot and fired the ball into the turf. The only imperfection was an untied lace on his left shoe, the ideal metaphor for Gronkowski, who has never been accused of being tightly wound.”

The Gronk spike fits Gronkowski’s big personality and exceptional talent. According to Cimini, Gronk has executed 72 touchdown spikes in his professional career. He doesn’t even count the can of beer Gronkowski spiked at the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl parade. He finished it first, let’s not forget that. The retired tight end also spiked a bridal bouquet at a wedding reception. Remember the Boston Bruins game? Gronk spiked a puck there, too.

“The spike is the best celebration — it’s a classic — and he definitely brought it to a new level, trademarking it for himself,” teammate Ted Karras said. “Now you say, ‘Gronk Spike.’ I think that’s pretty cool. He changed the verbiage of the term.”

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