Potential Milestones LeBron James Can Accomplish This Season

Lakers star LeBron James is making history with every game he plays in, and we are more than convinced that he will hit a few more milestones in the upcoming season.

LeBron will enter his second season with the Lakers. There are some important milestones he can hit early in the season.

When it comes to minutes, LeBron’s current total is 46,235 which makes him the 15th all time. According to Bryan Kalbrosky, he may easily rank as 7th. LeBron has played over 46,000 regular-season minutes during his professional career. He ranks No. 1 overall in minutes played in the postseason. Should we say that he is the only player to record 10,000 minutes in the playoffs? In the 2018-19 season, LeBron was on the court less often than any other season. He may be slowing down with his playing time, but there’s a great chance that he passes Ray Allen, John Havlicek, Gary Payton, Tim Duncan, Reggie Miller, John Stockton, Wilt Chamberlain and Kobe Bryant.

LeBron has a total of 1,727 three pointers and ranks 19th all-time. Last season, the Lakers superstar recorded career-high for three pointers per match. “It was the first time in his NBA career that he connected on at least two three-pointers per contest,” Kalbrosky added. “During his final year in his second stint with the Cavaliers, he made a career-high 149 field goals from beyond the arc. He has been more reliant on taking deep three-pointers, as explained here. So if he is able to produce at a similar rate next year, he may pass the following players in total three-pointers: Peja Stojaković, Rashard Lewis, Klay Thompson, Kobe Bryant and Chauncey Billups. Even though Thompson is still active, he will miss a good portion of next season with a torn ACL.”

King James has 8,662 assists in his career and his 10th all-time. This season he may rank 7th. He has 1,937 steals and is 16th all-time. This season he may rank 13th.

LeBron has 32,543 points and he is 4th all-time. He may rank third this season.

Will he hit these milestones this season?

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