Watch: Gronk And Hot GF Camille Kostek Booty Shake To Stay Active On NFL Sunday

Rob Gronkowski and his Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Camille Kostek like to get down for a nice booty shake, and this time they did it to Backstreet Boys.

The retired tight end is having a lot of fun these days, and having a Sunday off is always a good idea. His former teammates were having a really great game against the Miami Dolphins, but Gronk was busy dancing.

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Looks like @gronk is ready for Football Sunday!

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Camille is his greatest support, and she supported him throughout the decision-making process.

“Constantly in awe of how he works. I’ve spent years in the crowd admiring him play, on sets watching him work the camera, and this time in the audience to watch him be honored for his historic career. The crazy part is … we just getting started,” she wrote on Instagram.

The couple enjoyed their summer off. Beach days, sports and fresh air. Gronk and Camille spent some lovely time with their friends and family.

“Fresh air, bare feet, good company, and sports on and off the water was our favorite way to celebrate living in the land of the free and the home of the brave,” she captioned one of their beach photos.

Camille did some shooting, and Gronk has enough time to watch her pose. He enjoys watching her work, and is a regular visitor of her shootings. That’s how their best photos are made.

“I was on a job shooting, he was there watching, the light was good, the wind was blowing the hair in right direction and this shot was taken for fun of us longingly looking into the wide open ocean ? I forgot it was taken and just dug it up and I love it ?”

The couple got together after Camille finished her contract with the team.

“Yes, my boyfriend is Gronkowski, but it would feel good to have support from any guy I’d be dating,” she said. “There’s no point in being a relationship if the two of you don’t support one another.

“ … I think the timing is so interesting. Just a couple of months before I got the (Sports Illustrated) cover, Rob retired. And we both didn’t know that this was going to come. But it’s definitely cool for me to have him here to celebrate and see a little bit of what my life is like and the people that I work with. I introduced him to some of the other models, my friends within the industry and (editor) MJ Day. It just feels good. A relationship always feels good when you have your man supporting you.

 “Rob has been one of my biggest motivators. I constantly see the work he takes on, both on the field and off. He’s definitely someone I admire. I see the goals that he sets and I’m constantly trying to set greater goals myself. I don’t know if I’ll ever catch up to his legacy, but it’s definitely something that keeps me going.”

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