Watch: LeBron James Delivers Pizzas to Unsuspecting People on the Street

LeBron James can do whatever he wants, and his power isn’t limited to the basketball court. He can be a pizza guy, for example. Well, this may not be hard for you, but some people don’t like to walk in the streets delivering free pizzas.

That’s not the case of LeBron. The Lakers star took the streets as Ron, a Blaze Pizza employee, and delivered free pizza to customers. First, he introduces himself as Ron, and his trick didn’t work with everybody because they recognized him.

“Hey what’s going on man, I’m Ron,” James greets fans. Did you notice how some of them couldn’t believe their eyes and said, “Oh my God!”

“Blaze right now is offering a large sharable pizza here with real ingredients. Not frozen, none of that frozen crust, aight. I want to show you some beautiful, unique toppings that we have — artichoke, arugula,” he said as he handed off the boxes.

When fans said, “Thanks, LeBron,” he joked, “No, I’m Ron. I don’t know who LeBron is.”

“You tell your friends to take you to Blaze pizza, tell them Ron sent you,” he told a little girl, and gave her some pizza, Ron’s hat and a hug.

“You can take Ron’s hat, that’s yours,” he said giving her a hug.

The Lakers star reposted the video to his Twitter. “What can I say?! Ron’s a man of the people. We got that new LARGE @BlazePizza coming in,” he wrote and added laughing face, fire and pizza emojis.

Media relations spokesperson Joshua Levitt explains that the new Blaze pizzas are customizable, build-your-own pizza or they can be anything like the chef-inspired Signature Pizzas including the meat eater, green stripe, veg out, BBQ chicken and red vine. You can get these online and through the app, website or delivery platforms.

The man of the people is getting ready for his second season with the Los Angeles Lakers. There will be a lot of pressure and a lot of new faces on the roster. But, LeBron is fine with that as long as these people help him win a title.

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