Watch: Tom Brady Secretly Cuts Some Of Chase Winovich’s Hair On The Sideline

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady likes doing weird stuff on the sideline, but we have never seen anything like this. The New England Patriots were playing the New York Giants, and Brady decided to have some fun on the sidelines. Remember when he threatened Chase Winovich that he would cut his blonde locks? Well, he did it. On the sideline.

The quarterback wasn’t active during the preseason finale and was pretty bored. That’s why he did some yoga and cut some of Winovich’s hair. Yes, you read that right. He did yoga on the sidelines.

Brady and the rookie are building a nice bromance. Winovich quoted Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in the caption of a photo posted on Instagram. Brady couldn’t ignore the post, and replied with “Study your playbook.”

“Yes dad right away,” Winovich replied.

Winovich has attracted the attention of the Patriots nation. He played really well this summer, and Brady was more than satisfied with how he played. Winovich shared a photo of TB12 sizing up his hair. What did Brady to? He replied, “Sunday… the time has come!!! I’m sharpening my scissors now.”

Brady has already given rookie quarterback Jarrett Stidham a cut. How long will Winovich be able to protect his blonde mane?

Winovich still remembers the first time he met Brady. “I am familiar,” Winovich said when told about Brady. “Tom [Brady] actually came back and spoke to our team and came back for a game and I got the chance to get a really cool picture with him shaking his hand. It’s just really great that he cares about Michigan enough to come back and share some wisdom that he’s been through throughout the years. I really look up to him just as anybody that’s played at Michigan does.”

Being part of the Patriots nation is a great opportunity for Winovich. It’s a great honor for him, and he got really lucky.

The rookie has a lot to offer to the team, and the Patriots better use his power on the field. Winovich is a talented player, and he will sure help the team win more games this season.

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