Watch: Adrian Peterson and Tom Brady Exchange Jerseys After Patriots Beat Redskins

Losing to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a regular thing in NFL seasons which is probably why players respect the GOAT. The New England Patriots played the Washington Redskins in the capital, and it was a 33-7 win for Brady’s team. Players shook hands, and Redskins’ running back Adrian Peterson sought out TB12 to ask him for his game-worn jersey.

“Hey, I need the jersey,” Peterson told the GOAT who said he’d send it over right after the match.

It’s interesting to note that Peterson isn’t the only Redskins player to ask for the No. 12 jersey. Offensive lineman Donald Penn approached the Pats quarterback with the same request. A bit too late. He was sort of disappointed when Brady told him that Peterson had already made a request. However, Penn will get a non-game-worn jersey.

NFL stars like to swap jerseys with players they like and don’t play often. Peterson and Penn are veterans and they really respect Brady’s lengthy career.

Brady was pretty much happy with the great win and the success his teammates had in the second half of the match.

“They got a lot of great players on the field whether offense or defense they are going to be helpful to us scoring points,” he said during the post-game press conference. “We obviously have a great strength in our defense. [They] turn the ball over and they just make it so hard to complete every pass. And we realized that in training camp, and it’s just amazing to watch those guys play right now. So we just gotta keep it going. And hopefully we can we can pick up on offense.”

The second half was definitely stronger. “I’m not sure I’d be guessing if I said something now, but it was good to see. I think one thing that did help was the play count got up there pretty high. We had quite a few plays by halftime. Anytime you feel like you do that, you feel like you’re going to wear the other team out and those three-yard runs become six and then finally, you can break one and [RB] Sony [Michel] did one, Sony broke a long one going with down our sideline for a touchdown run. It was great to see he ran hard and ran his butt off, so I am proud of him.”

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