Antonio Brown Suggesting Patriots To Re-Sign Him, Gives Blunt Reason

The New England Patriots have decided that they no longer need Antonio Brown. He was involved in too many problems, and there’s a lawsuit against him. Well, Brown still hopes to come back, and he hasn’t forgot his money.

Brown took to Instagram to ask the Patriots to sign him again.

“You guys that follow the Patriots, tell them to call me,” Brown said. “They’ve still got to pay me, so might as well let me earn it.”

NFL execs have discussed his situation. One of them said, “That’s Goodell saying, ‘Don’t sign Antonio Brown. And if you do, we’re going to put him on the [exempt] list anyway.’ I don’t know that anyone is really interested in him at this point with all this stuff going on, but that statement has got to make you think twice when you might be signing him and taking the heat for it and then he’s not even available to play for you. Why go through that?”

What will happen now? “For now, the status of the league’s investigation appears to have left Brown in a state of limbo with any teams that have interest in signing him,” Charles Robinson wrote. “If teams require Brown to be free from investigation to consider signing him, the league’s investigation must come to a conclusion. However, the league’s investigation apparently won’t conclude without Brown cooperating — and Brown can’t be forced to cooperate without signing with another NFL team.”

Things don’t look too good for Brown.

“[New England] fighting to keep that signing bonus now is either a gross misunderstanding of [the CBA’s] rules on voiding signing bonuses or it’s just out of spite,” one source said. “I can’t believe they don’t understand the signing bonus voids in the CBA. There’s just no way. This is just spitefulness. They’re fighting [Brown] completely out of the anger and embarrassment in ownership.”

Article 4 and section 9 explains pretty much everything about Brown’s grievance.

“(a) Forfeitable Breach. Any player who (i) willfully fails to report, practice or play with the result that the player’s ability to fully participate and contribute to the team is substantially undermined (for example, without limitation, holding out or leaving the squad absent a showing of extreme personal hardship); or (ii) is unavailable to the team due to conduct by him that results in his incarceration; or (iii) is unavailable to the team due to a nonfootball injury that resulted from a material breach of Paragraph 3 of his NFL Player Contract; or (iv) voluntarily retires …”

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