Bill Belichick Offers Glimpse Into Patriots Practice In A Film Breakdown

The New England Patriots played the Washington Redskins, and head coach Bill Belichick has the perfect review. “The Belichick Breakdown” is a weekly video feature starring the best coach in the NFL and radio personality Scott Zolak.

These two talk a few minutes about the biggest plays from previous games, and Belichick points out to the best parts of every game. In this week’s piece, they talked about Brandon Bolden’s 29-yard touchdown catch from quarterback Tom Brady in the third quarter.

The review shows how much goes into one football play. The Patriots’ shift of Bolden in the backfield made a big change to the Washington defense. The Redskins adjusted their linebacker assignments, and the Patriots had a favorable game with Bolden running a wheel route out of the backfield matched up with a slower linebacker.

The head coach pointed out that Bolden’s play was something that materialized from the last play of practice in the week leading up to Sunday. It’s an incredible review, and we can definitely learn something from this.

The Patriots are off to another game. They have the New York Giants next on the list.

“It’s a combination. A: Understanding of the Giants and getting mentally ready,” the head coach said. “They have a very challenging schemes on offense, defense, and special teams. We saw them earlier in the preseason but that really didn’t do much. The mental part of it is challenging, certainly the physical part of it. When you think about, tonight’s Wednesday and we play on Sunday. It’s a lot for the players to rebound from.

“I’m sure they will do everything they can to be as physically ready as possible. So it’s a combination of two things, you have to just balance it. One without the other is not enough so you have to try and get both. We will do the best we can on short notice and the players will do the best that they can to get ready in the less amount of time that they normally have. It’s the same time the Giants have, it’s the same for both teams. [We will] do the best we can to be ready to go.”

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