Watch: Draymond Green Trolls Former Michigan Star Jordan Poole by Making Him Sing MSU Fight Song

Warriors star Draymond Green is an elite player, and his troll game is elite, too. Remember the Quicken Loans-themed t-shirt that was used as a provocation for the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Warriors parade? And Rudy Gobert’s crying episode after the All-Star snub? Well, this time it was Warriors rookie Jordan Poole’s turn. Green had a special plan for the former Michigan alum.

Poole was supposed to sing the Michigan State fight song.

Green played his college ball at Michigan State, and he sure enjoyed forcing a Michigan player to sing the enemy’s fight song.

This isn’t the first instance in which an NBA player is involved in a scenario where they had to honor a rival school. In 2005, former Duke star Tyus Jones didn’t have luck with the bet against Timberwolves teammate and Kentucky alum Karl Anthony Towns. The Blue Devils lost to the Wildcats, and Jones sported Kentucky gear to practice next day.

We do hope that Poole doesn’t have any hard feelings against his teammate. I mean, this is definitely an embarrassing situation. These two better forget this and move on. The Golden State Warriors lost too many valuable players, and Stephen Curry will have to work really hard to take the team to the playoffs this season. Klay Thompson won’t return until February, and D’Angelo Russell is here to support Curry in the “fight.”

The Warriors didn’t have much luck in the preseason opener against the Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron James and Anthony Davis work perfectly together, and the Warriors still need to build their chemistry. It takes a lot of practice and will to build a strong relationship on the field. The Warriors made a lot of changes to the roster for the upcoming season, and they lost Durant, Andre Iguodala, and a few other players.

But, Curry is optimistic about this year’s team. They missed the chance to win the finals last year, but this year they will try even harder. Is there any chance for Curry to make the playoffs? It’s too soon to make any predictions in that aspect. Let’s see what happens this season.

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