Watch: Julian Edelman Go Full Gunslinger, Nerf Duel With Pats Teammates

Thursday Night Football will be a piece of cake for the New England Patriots, and wide receiver Julian Edelman had enough time to engage in a Nerf duel. For real.

The Patriots receiver shared a video of his Nerf duel with Ted Karras and Chase Winovich. You don’t want to miss this.

When it comes to Edelman’s performance this season, he is awesome. Although the receiver sees less targets from Tom Brady, he contributes in each game.

In his interview with WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show” on Tuesday, Edelman said he could sense the Washington Redskins were affected by the Patriots fans who made their way to the capital on Sunday.

“They don’t say anything, but you can tell,” Edelman said. “It’s a little defeating for them, you can just feel it. It’s a pretty cool thing. It’s legitimately like, it was basically a home game. It gets you fired up. The circus is in town, and all the Massies gotta come check them out in D.C.”

Edelman’s performance has attracted praise from Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick.

“He’s one of the best players in the history of the franchise,” TB12 said Monday on WEEI’s “Greg Hill Show.” When you think of some of the great receivers we’ve had, Julian is right up there at the top. So you’ve got to get him the ball, and he’s making a lot of yards with it in his hands. “We put a lot on Julian. Julian’s a very smart player. Very tough. He’s mentally, physically tough. What he’s gone through the last few weeks with his injury and then still just laying it on the line — you see even on that catch-and-run there in the third quarter, him kind of diving over the pile. He’s an incredible player, an incredible teammate, and the more we get him the ball, the better it is for our offense.”

If you ask the head coach, he will say that Edelman is the best receiver he has ever coached.

“Julian’s a tough kid, always has been,” the coach said Monday in a conference call with reporters. “He showed that in college. He showed it his rookie year here and all the way through his career. He fights for every yard. He’s a competitive blocker. He’s got excellent playing strength and plays bigger than what his size is because of his leverage, pad level and overall physical and mental toughness. He’s done a great job for us and continues to do that. He’s one of the most competitive players I’ve coached.”

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