Bill Belichick Releases Statement On Michael Bennett’s Trade…’He would Help Us, But…’

The New England Patriots haven’t finalized their trade deal with the Dallas Cowboys, but head coach Bill Belichick said his team is in the process of moving on from Michael Bennett.

“Yeah, there’s some process going on there,” Belichick said in his morning news conference. “I don’t know exactly where it is.”

The Patriots will trade Bennett to the Cowboys for a seventh-round draft pick that may become a sixth-rounder if some conditions are met.

Bennett was really productive with the Patriots, but played 35.7 percent of the defensive snaps over the Pats’ first six games. The veteran is used to playing 69.0 percent of snaps for the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2017, he played 84.8 percent for the Seattle Seahawks.

“We’re winning, and that’s the most important thing for me as a teammate,” Bennett said Thursday upon his return from suspension. “But I think as an individual, you always want to play more and make some more plays. So it’s always that great balance between both.”

Belichick talked about the reasons he may had to trade Bennett.
“There’s a lot of factors,” the coach said. “Multiple considerations on this. But look, in the end, I think Mike’s a good player. We brought him here, and he helped our team. I think he would help us, but there are certain things we’ve got to work with and work around, and that’s what we’ve got to do.”

Bennett talked to reporters prior being released. ”I didn’t take away nothing,” he said. ”I got suspended, lost money. What am I supposed to take away from that? There is no love lost. It’s just what it is.”

This is a big change for him, but he will get used to the new home.

”Can’t really bite your tongue,” he said. ”Everybody else in the league says what they feel. I just say how I feel and move on from there. We’re just all human. We all go through our own situations. You can have conversations and move on from it. That’s how I feel about it.”

Let’s see what happens next with the wide receiver.

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