Chase Winovich’s Emotional Reaction After Scoring First TD Since High School

Patriots rookie linebacker Chase Winovich returned a bloc punt five yards for a touchdown in the Patriots’ win over the New York Giants. The only thing that got him worried was catching the ball without getting laid out.

“It was up there — like, someone’s gonna hit me,” he said after the game. “It was an experience, for sure. Shoutout to my teammates for blocking the punt, blocking for me and helping me finish the play.”

After making the end zone, Winovich threw the ball into the stands, and earned a $5,787 fine as a first-time offender. That ball could have injured a fan, and this was his first-touchdown ball.

Winovich doesn’t think about this, because he was too focused on his score.

“Back in high school, it’s been a while,” he said of the last time he scored a touchdown. “I’ve been planning on throwing in the stands for a while, so it’s kinda already been accounted for. But I didn’t know the fine was quite so steep. No regrets. The last touchdown that I had was as a runner, as a quarterback running the ball. I probably threw some passes as well, no big deal.”

Winovich will eventually get the ball, as Gillette Stadium employees retrieved it.

“I didn’t get the ball back, no not yet. I’m hoping that the lucky fan that went home with a souvenir returns it to me. Honestly for me, it’s mostly the experience of scoring the touchdown. That’s priceless. A football is a football and yeah it’s cool to look back on it, but I have the film to look back on it. The memory with my teammates celebrating in the end zone, that’s priceless. There’s no football that can equate to that.”

The Patriots need his personality at the moment. It’s like fresh air coming inside the locker room, and we do believe that he will become a fan favorite. Winovich has a nice talent and production, and there’s a huge chance for him to develop into a key player into the Patriots defense.

New England is 6-0 now, and hopefully, they will be 7-0 next week.

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