LeBron James Addresses On Lakers Effort Defensively In Win Over Jazz

The Los Angeles Lakers had their first win of the regular season on Friday night. They defeated the Utah Jazz at Staples Center. LeBron James had 30 points and 10 assists. Anthony Davis had 21 points and seven rebounds. The defensive effort was too big, and the Lakers secured their win over the Jazz.

LA forced 22 turnovers during the win over the jazz, making a turnover-margin that would provide eight extra possessions. The Utah offense was held to 86 points for the match. Mike Conley finished 3-of-11 from the field.

Jazz starters Joe Ingles, Rudy Gobert and Jeff Green didn’t reach double-figure points in the game.

After the win, LeBron talked about the defensive effort and the identity they will try to develop this season.

“That’s who we are,” he said. “That’s our defensive staple. We want to be that every single night, be able to hold teams under their averages.

“We thought we did a poor job against the Clippers in the opener, they had 112, then they had 140-something the next night. So we want to continue to get better and better with our defensive strategy and our game plan and just execute that.”

LA finished with 14 steals and nine blocks in the win. The Jazz had eight and two. Danny Green led the way for his squad with three steals. Davis had five blocks. The Charlotte Hornets and Memphis Grizzlies are next on the list. There will be a lot of opportunities for the Lakers to secure a defensive win.

It looks like LeBron got over the criticism he faced regarding Daryl Morey and his support for Hong Kong protesters.

“I’m not here to judge how the league handled the situation,” he said. “I just think that when you’re misinformed or you’re not educated about something — I’m just talking about the tweet itself — you never know the ramifications that can happen. We all see what that did — not only did for our league but for all of us in America and people in China as well. Sometimes you have to think through the things that you say and may cause harm not only for yourself but for the majority of people. And I think that’s just a prime example.”

China is long forgotten, but LeBron is on for another big win.

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