LeBron James Addresses On The New-Look Lakers

LeBron James enters his 17th season in the NBA. His previous season with the Los Angeles Lakers didn’t go as we all expected. LeBron was injured and missed a lot of games. It was a complete failure, and the Lakers couldn’t win games. But, they added Anthony Davis and a bunch of other talents to their roster, and we can’t wait for the new season to start.

LeBron is really confident about the upcoming season and his ability to win a title.

I like our team,” LeBron told reporters during the Lakers’ training camp.

“I thought Dwight and JaVale, they’ve been very good, if not great since practice has started. I love what they’re able to do. Those two guys that stood out and Avery continues to stand out with his defensive tenacity. Everybody did something in the summertime, you can tell. They came in the best possible shape without playing basketball obviously, but everybody looks pretty good.”

King James is satisfied with his team, and had words of praise for Rajon Rondo.

“Rondo’s always helpful for me, just because of his basketball IQ and what he brings to the game. We kind of bounce things off each other all the time, trying to be two quarterbacks on the floor at the same time. When one guy’s in and the other guy’s out, we try to see from the sideline and be like an offensive and defensive coordinator for one another, so that’s always there – no matter what.”

Head coach Frank Vogel is also confident about the upcoming season and the players on his roster.

We got the best of them, of all the duos,” he said. “We have two top-five players, two guys that really just do it all. And I’d put those two guys against anybody in the league.

“I do want to have LeBron and AD play as much together as possible in practice because they’re going to be the ones who play the most together throughout the season. So I want to get that chemistry accelerated as much as possible. But the guys around them are going to change every practice.”

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