Look: LeBron James Brings Back Iconic Pre-Game Chalk Toss

LeBron James didn’t talk to media members following the preseason game against the Brooklyn Nets, but he did something that got everyone’s attention. In addition to his incredible numbers, LeBron brought back one of the most iconic pre-game rituals. The chalk toss.

LeBron entered Saturday’s game in China after his chalk toss. He hadn’t done that for a few seasons, and now we have it back.

The Lakers caught the whole thing in Shenzhen and put it on their Instagram account. The Los Angeles Lakers were listless, and the king spend 12 minutes on the floor, but he sure have fans something to talk about.

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It’s back.

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We haven’t seen the chalk toss since 2015 or LeBron’s second season during his second stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He did it for his career in Cleveland and Miami.

“LeBron seemed to have his jumper going against the Nets. A big part of that was due to defenders wanting to go under the screens instead of over, which LeBron made them pay for. LeBron went 2 for 3 from three in that game, and shot 33.9% on six attempts per game from three last season with the Lakers,” Ali Behpoornia wrote. “That was a bit of a percentage drop from his previous two seasons with the Cavs, so while this was just one preseason game, with Davis on board and a more talented roster, it’s clear James will have some easier looks this year, so hopefully that percentage rises up.

“Davis showed off his passing skills in this game, something we only saw a bit of in his first contest as a Laker. His assists primarily came from his post ups. AD would often get doubled in the paint, and would dish it out to the open man. Many times that player was Rajon Rondo, who will probably get a ton of open looks this season, so it’s really important for him to knock down those threes and not hesitate when taking them.”

LeBron is pretty excited about his game this season, and hopefully he will stay healthy to help the team win the games and make the finals.

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