Michael Bennett Releases Statement After Being Suspended By Patriots

Defensive end Michael Bennett will have to adjust to his new home with the Dallas Cowboys. The New England Patriots decided to trade him for a seventh-round pick, and the trade doesn’t come as a surprise if you take into consideration the fact that Bennett got into a thing with defensive line coach Bret Bielema.

The Patriots reinstated him on Tuesday after sitting out the Patriots’ win over the New York Jets on Monday night. He was present for practice and talked to media members. But, he had to go after that. Does he have any big takeaways from the suspension?

”I didn’t take away nothing,” he said. ”I got suspended, lost money. What am I supposed to take away from that? There is no love lost. It’s just what it is.”

Head coach Bill Belichick didn’t provide a big response regarding Bennett’s situation.

”We’ve moved past a lot of things this year. We’re onto the Browns,” he said, alluding to the Patriots game against the Browns this Sunday.

Bennett struggles to find a defined role on a defense that is considered to be the best in the league at the moment. The veteran doesn’t think it’s been hard to be himself with the Patriots, but said that not being on the field as much as he has in the past has really touched him.

”Playing is always one thing, but not playing is always another thing,” he said.

That lack of usage has added fuel to the fire about the Patriots’ plans to trade him prior to the deadline on Oct. 29.

”That’s up to them and how they feel about it,” Bennett said. ”I like playing here.”

As far as what he plans to change to improve his standing before then, the veteran said he can only be himself.

”Can’t really bite your tongue,” he said. ”Everybody else in the league says what they feel. I just say how I feel and move on from there. We’re just all human. We all go through our own situations. You can have conversations and move on from it. That’s how I feel about it.”


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