Odd Instagram Account Keeps Recreating LeBron James as a Giraffe

We all have talents, and this NBA fan and talented artist decided to create the “LeRaffe James.” Well, we don’t really know how will the king accept this “gift.” Giraffe? Seriously?

The “LeRaffe James” Instagram account recreated LeBron’s photos by making him and his companions into giraffes.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Maso Rich. The artist turns LeBron into a giraffe, and Steph Curry is a bush baby.

What inspired him?

I’m from Miami, so I’ve been a LeBron fan for a long time. He inspired me really to get more into basketball and all these things back when he was on the Heat. And then I moved to L.A. And then LeBron came here. I’ve just always been a fan. I appreciate the things that he does for people, that he opened a school. He’s always been a great role model. He doesn’t get in trouble. He’s a family man. He’s honestly a person that you can get behind, doesn’t matter who you are. Similar for Steph Curry, but I just was like, after having fun with LeRaffe, I was like, Steph would be fun to do. And then basically I just look at the people. And LeBron was decided before everyone as LeRaffe because I wrote a TV show in 2011 called Animal Friends and one of the episodes was about LeBron. So that’s a different story, though it’s unrelated to 2019, when I just wanted to have an Instagram for fun.”

What helped him pick these animals?

“I look at the photo and I’m like, well—LeBron, he was just a generic basketball player in my mind originally, and basketball players are tall. So giraffe. Then I looked at Steph Curry and I was like, Oh he looks like, you know, kind of like a bush baby. I have Shaun Livingston, if you go to the Steph Curry account, as a donkey. He looks like a donkey. It is what it is. So I’d just look at their faces and I’d do my best. There’s not really a process—I just, like, look into my soul and see what comes out.”

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