Patriots Fans Go Berserk On Twitter After Mike Nugent Misses PAT

The New England Patriots signed Mike Nugent with the only goal to use him against the Washington Redskins. Well, it looks like they made a mistake, because he didn’t leave a good first impression with the team.

The Pats added the veteran kicker to replace Stephen Gostkowski, and decided to use him in Week 5 against the Redskins.

Nugent’s number was called after a six-play, 75-yard drive that ended up with a Julian Edelman six-yard touchdown catch with seven minutes of the first quarter. Nugent had a chance to bring the score to 7-7, but he made a mistake.

The Patriots nation went crazy. Some said they don’t like him, and other asked the Patriots to cut him.

Head coach Bill Belichick talked about the veteran on Friday. Reporters asked him about Nugent’s experience and the decision to sign him.

“Again, he’s an experienced kicker that’s kicked in New York, kicked in Cincinnati. I don’t know if that’s going to be a big factor this week. We’re just worried about this week right now. We’ll worry about December in December, but it doesn’t hurt that he’s done that.”

“Is it a challenge for you to know exactly where he’s comfortable kicking field goals from a distance standpoint given your unfamiliarity working with him?” reporters asked, and Belichick was pretty sure about his answer.

“I think we’ll have a pretty good idea what his range is. It’s been about the same since he’s been in the league. We’ve, again, played against him, so defensively on our field goal block and defensive strategy we’ve had to kind of know what that is. I don’t think it’s like 15 or 20 yards different from what it’s been. It might be a yard or two and that could vary from game to game based on the conditions at the game. Is it perfect? No, but is it close? I would like to think so.”

The Patriots struggle against the Redskins, and there are problems in several areas. Hopefully, the team will handle the pressure and keep going against the Redskins. Let’s see what happens by the end of the game.

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